19 – 23 FEB 2020
HALL 9 – 12

Highlights of the Baan Lae Suan Fair Midyear 2019

room Showcase

room Design Island

Room magazine is showcasing an imaginary island located at the center of the midyear expo. The striking architectural landscape symbolizes a perfect blend of health and a holiday atmosphere. It’s the product of a collaboration between “room” and its allies in the design industry, including Thor Gai Chon Studio, Gold House Décor, as well as Camp Studio, Palini, and Mitr.

room x Thor Gai Chon Studio

Inspired by bamboo handicrafts, the modular showcase is built using bamboo and trendy outdoor fabric materials designed for durability. It’s the work of “room” magazine in collaboration with Thor Gai Chon Studio.

room x Gold House

Three designer groups, namely, Camp Studio, Palini, and Mitr also participate in designing the imaginary summer showcase on the beach. The SOL OUT brand of outdoor fabric used in the construction is provided by Gold House Décor, one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers, distributors and exporters of home textile products.

room x Pakalolo

The right amount of coffee is good for you, so they say. Why not stop by at the Hawaiian style pop-up café by Pakalolo? The coffeehouse from Bangkok’s Soi Ari neighborhood is offering light meals and drinks during the nine-day expo. It’s time to fall in love with its pastry creations and “mocktail” recipes. Some items on the menu are created especially for this year’s show.


Garden Therapy Ideas from Baan Lae Suan

Baan Lae Suan Printing and Publishing invites you to take a tour of the Garden Therapy zone. The show is rich in exhibits about how to grow a garden and turn it into a therapeutic environment that helps you live better through plants. It’s aimed at sharing garden-related ideas and advancing the concept that spending time outdoors can reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. Because stress and fatigue can lead to a whole host of health problems, it’s a good idea to supercharge your sense of smell, sound, sight and touch and transform your life. Get your hands dirty and start growing some flowers and scented herbs. There are plenty of garden paver ideas to make the best of your outdoor space and make it safe to walk barefoot. Throw in a small waterfall and let the sound of a gently babbling brook help you relax. Stop by and attend a conversation on waterfall garden design while you’re there.

There’s also a workshop on cactus and bonsai cultivation and other growing techniques. Enjoy light meals and take home some organic gardening and farming products. Enrich your life. Discover many interesting books from Baan Lae Suan Printing and Publishing before you leave. For information about the show, please visit:


Relaxing Break at the Food Pavilion

The Food Pavilion is a destination for people meticulous about a healthy lifestyle and the art of making delicious food and drinks. Restaurants that embrace this concept are invited to participate. For the love of good food, their menus are rich in items created for this year’s special event.

The floor plan layout offers good views of the trade show. It feels like walking into a happy village with good food and beverages. An art and craft zone with plenty of interesting exhibits is located nearby. There’s an atmosphere of Asian community space with an emphasis on food craft techniques to enhance taste and quality.

Thirsty? Stop by Baan Lae Suan Bar to recharge your mind and body with refreshing beverages from the Chang brand and the most sought-after Japanese beef rice bowl by Grill-Don. They make a perfect duo. You will love the sauce on the flavorful beef meal that’s served with Japanese-style onsen eggs. The recipe is great either as primary dish or as light meal made for social occasions. You have to try it for yourself at the Midyear Edition of Baan Lae Suan Fair 2019. There’s live music to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere as you enjoy good meals with friends and loved ones.