Combination of Living (english version)


After living in this house for 30 years, the Srijakarin family bought additional parcels of land and rebuilt to comfortably house three generations of family members. Part of the old house was set aside for the father and mother of Khun Narong Srijakarin and remodeled with ease of living for older people in mind, and the other became the residence of Khun Narong and his family, remodeled in a mixed country and classic style. A second two-story house was added, with a modern tropical style and resort-like atmosphere.

Part of the garden follows the resort model, but the owners wanted the warmth of an English garden in front, with bright-flowers in planted in large urns, and approaching the house, that is what you see. Entering the garden behind it, you find a tropical rainforest. There’s a good-sized waterfall, and the sound of water in a small brook running through the surrounding garden, verdant green, with moss, under the shade of a variety of trees.

Such a landscaping combination isn’t easy to manage, but with skillful and artistic use of components, textures, patterns, and colors, the designer created a lasting and unified harmony of two garden styles.

In the end, house and gardens form a perfect fit, reflecting the combined happiness of the entire family.

Owners: Srijakarin Family

Architecture/Interior Design: Architecture and Interior Office Co., Ltd. (AIO) by Khun Kowit Suriyaphon

Garden Design: Khun Worawut Kaewsuk