Memories of Journey (english version)

Memories of Journey (english version)

Memories of Journey (english version)
Memories of Journey (english version)


This beautiful home is one of 60 houses in the project “The Eyrie” at Khao Yai, with an atmosphere similar to – and just as attractive as – houses in Italy’s Tuscany area. Khun Bu (Sitthirat) and Khun Bey (Bralee) Thanarat are the owners here. They tell us the minute they saw the prospectus they decided to buy here, because of their faith in the skill of project designer Khun Amnat Kheettaphanna.

The homes here are outwardly of all different designs, no two alike, but they complement each other to give the impression of a single village. This house is situated in the middle of the property, leaving room for grass lawns both in front and in back. The lower floor steps down to the kitchen, dining room, and living room, which are set at a lower level to connect more smoothly with the back yard, since the property slopes down a bit. This adds some privacy and also opens up a beautiful view of the ring of mountains behind the house. In front, a trellis built of umbrella bamboo forms an arbor planted with climbing vines, complemented by European-style metal furniture, where one can drink tea and relax.

The interior décor was done entirely by Khun Bu and Khun Bey just the way they wanted it. They never studied design formally, just collected memories from their travels in Tuscany to use as decorative ideas for this gorgeous home, and what they have created is a no less wonderful environment than if done by a professional.



This relaxing spot is a good place to sip tea in the late morning. The owners built a trellis of umbrella bamboo here, and planted climbing vines for shade. All this has a European flavor.


The relaxation area in back can be used all day, because it never gets direct sunlight.






Behind the house is a smooth grass lawn, but tridax daisy plants climb the wall’s rim and attach to the wrought iron fence, a sweet addition to the look of the house.





Owners/Decorators: Khun Sitthirat and Khun Bralee Thanarat

Design: Khun Amnat Kheettaphanna